Menoume Ellada June 2015

Menoume Ellada Μenoume Ellada (Greek: Μένουμε Ελλάδα, translation: “We stay in Greece”)

Menoyme Ellada Ladi Biosas Greek _High Premium Bio Olive Oil

is a Greek television series, aired by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is aired Monday to Friday at 2pm (EET) on ET1 and 01:00 GMT (00:00 GMT during daylight hours) on ERT World (until November 2006 ERT Sat) This program showcases beautiful Greece and all it has to offer. 4 teams of reporters scour the country to bring the viewer to various points of interest, from small villages, to historical sites and local culture. The show also features live pictures from 40 different locations via webcams and also provides constantly updated weather conditions for various cities and traffic updates from national and regional road- all on the TV screen. Hosted by Petros Koublis & Renia Tsitsibikou. Video coming soon….