Ladi Biosas |||| λάδι βιώσας


Ladi Biosas _high premium extra virgin olive oil with a Vertical Integrated Production Processes and Horizontal Hierarchy structure highlights art as a driving force even in food production. Ladi Biosas is standardized in a certified olive mill and all bottles are numbered (one by one) which bear the signature of the great Messenian painter-engraver Mr. Takis Katsoulidis (the font is his own creation),while the Olive Oil is extracted from our own organically grown olive groves in the State of Messinia at Kefalovryso village (40km from Kalamata) in the Southern Peninsula of Peloponnese. Our vision is not just to create a superb Premium product, nor is the «Εnd in Ιtself» the profit (hence the paraphrase Lathe-Λάθε Biosas το Ladi Biosas) but a “magnetic field” that will attract people with different starting points which will converge their expressive powers and the reason of that will be the production of an agricultural product…

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