Agrumato Lemon

Ladi Biosas | Agrumato Lemon _high premium extra virgin olive oil is
produced in small quantities in a biological mill and the process is very tedious and
labour-intensive. The olives are harvested entirely by hand and the organically grown
lemons are carefully picked at the perfect point of ripeness. The olives
and the fresh lemons are crushed simultaneously. The paste of the fruit
with the olives is gently malaxe for about 30 minutes at a temperature below 27 C to
maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the Ladi Biosas Olive Oil.
The smell and flavor that pops up in the olive mill is the most relaxing essential after
each production. Then the paste is pressed with a low pressure machine over a long
period of time in order to extract the Agrumato Lemon olive oil. The
result is a very rare and precious delicate, bright, fresh, intense fruity aroma of Lemon with an acidity level of 0.2% which brings it to the category of
the Extrissimo of Olive Oils.

*Agrumato | is an extremely labor-intensive process of crushing fresh picked fruits and olives
together using the cold press process, therefore, retaining all the benefits of the _high premium extra
virgin olive oil, and the purity of the fruit flavour is maintained unlike infused oils that use heat and added flavors